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How do you benefit from customer-focused marketing?

The Right Prospects
When you talk to everyone, you reach no one. Target prospects who already want and need what you do best.
The Right Messaging
No insider talk. No confusing jargon. Just clear communication. Your prospects need to know you understand what they want and can give it to them.
More Revenue & Referrals
Effective marketing helps you attract more clients. Solving their problems helps you get more referrals. Both help you grow.
"I was counting the weeks till vacation when one of our biggest marketing projects of the year was dumped on my desk...


With the deadline loomimg, Alison quickly turned around writing that demonstrated her grasp of our business and our brand personality. Needless to say, she’s been the go-to writer on several projects for us ever since.”

Jackie Becker
Taghleef Industries

Connect with a marketer who connects with your prospects.

I'm Alison Keeling, and I've spent my career connecting companies with their customers.

Many businesses struggle to know how to break through and reach their ideal clients with their marketing. They talk too much about themselves. Or their products and services. Or their history.

The problem? Those companies are writing to themselves about things they already know about. Doesn't make too much sense when you think about it.

Marketing that works makes your customers the heroes. Your role is to be their guide who makes their lives better.

Science proves that people's brains are wired to connect to story. Only story is proven over thousands of years to knit together feeling and thinking. Heart and head. Emotion and reason.

You can't rely on facts and figures alone. You have to tell a compelling story. You have to command your customers' attention and hold their interest. And you only have a few seconds to do it. That's why hiring a trained, experienced copywriter is the way to go.

I've used my skills and experience for companies as large as QVC and as small as local independent schools. And now I've been trained in a proven framework that takes your customer on a journey from problem (theirs) to solution (yours) that transforms their lives for the better. Maybe in a big way. Maybe in a smaller way. Always in a way that puts your customer at the center.




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A Simple Plan for Success

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3. Grow Your Business
Implement your message, connect with customers, grow your business.

Don't waste time or money on marketing that's outdated, ineffective or invisible.

Get clarity on your audience. Get clear in your messaging. Get growth in your business.

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